About Us

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Grand Paws Stay-n-Play is a top of the line Doggie daycare/Boarding/Spa. Our daycare helps socialize and stimulate your pup, and our boarding lets your pup play and be out of their kennel more than most boarding facilities. We try to make their stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. Our facility is secure with a security system monitored with the fire and police departments, and sprinkler system throughout the building. Someone is at the facility 7 am until 9-9:90 pm, with the exception of a break for lunch and supper.

Our Groomer is great at hair cuts, but, even more important, she has patience with your pet in what can sometimes be a stressful environment, as most dogs do not enjoy a spa day like we do.

Hours that we are open to the public are Monday-Friday 7:30-12:30 and 3:00-5:30. We have specified times for pickup and drop off of boarding dogs on Saturday and Sunday and Holidays.